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Letture consigliate e link utili

I Modulo

Manuali di riferimento: 
  • Hanneman Robert A., Riddle M.  (2005),  Introduction to social network methods, Riverside, CA:  University of California, Riverside. http://faculty.ucr.edu/~hanneman/
  • Scott J. (2002). Social Network Analysis: A Handbook, 2nd Ed. Newberry Park, CA: Sage. ULTIMA VERSIONE TRADOTTA IN ITALIANO
  • Wasserman S., Faust K. (1994), Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications, Cambridge University Press


Si consiglia di installare sui propri PC/Mac una versione aggiornata di R e di R Studio.
In Internet sono diffusi molti materiali utili come lettura introduttiva per conoscere l'ambiente R e R Studio.

i pacchetti necessari sono:
- network
- Statnet
- igraph
- networkD3
- Rcircos

II Modulo 

A browser-based online platform is going to set up where exercises, libraries (networkX) and data will be available.
It is a Python-based platform. The exercises will not require intense programming, but some basics of Python could be welcome, keeping in mind that Python is, syntaxically, fairly basic.
This is an easy gateway to the language: 

Everything should run smoothly on a server with Jupyter noteboks: (http://jupyter.org) and the users will access to it through their browser.

However, if the users prefer to have their files locally on the computer, it is also possible.

They should have a running installation of Pyhton with standard libraries (e.g. NumPy). The easiest would be to install it through Anaconda, which also installs Jupyter automatically:

The only external libraries needed are:
networkX: https://anaconda.org/anaconda/networkx
communities: http://perso.crans.org/aynaud/communities